A Viper ETF subscription gives you the analysis and signals you need to make smart trading decisions, even in volatile markets like these. 

Twice weekly emails detail Tom's unique scan results to identify specific trading ideas for the most liquid ETFs

Specific yet simple trade instructions than can be quickly executed in your online account

Tom's critically-acclaimed trading lessons that will help you improve your skills

Tom's volume and relative performance signals that alert him (and you!) to new ETF profit opportunities

ETF Trading Ideas Twice a Week 

Each year, Wall Street hedge funds and institutions spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing computer-based trading strategies in an attempt to beat the market and increase performance. 

Now you can get this sophisticated analytical analysis for a fraction of the cost. 

Easy-to-follow, objective analysis

Both intermediate term investors and short term traders are provided with specific entry and exit signals while paying close attention to the risk.  

For traders, the Viper ETF looks to capture those market swings that may just last a few days or a few weeks. 

Option spreads will also be recommended when it is appropriate. 

Trade Signals + Trading Lessons

As a Viper ETF subscriber you will also have access to Tom's trading lessons that will help you become a better trader and investor.

For those who want to follow the longer term trend these signals can help you determine where to allocate funds in your IRA or 401K. The result is a uniquely diversified, risk-adjusted, performance-maximized ETF portfolio.

Tom's fine-tuned method of market analysis allows traders to actively profit from bull market advances AND bear market declines. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about Viper ETF

  • Email Tom Aspray directly at: Tom@ViperReport.com

How do I cancel?

  • You can cancel anytime online through Paypal by clicking here. If you have any trouble you can call 215-901-2021.

Are there refunds for partial months?

  • No. There are no refunds. Your subscription ends the moment you cancel and there are no refunds for partial months.

Do I have to use Paypal?

  • Yes. Paypal allows you to control your subscription online (including unsubscribing online) so you'll have to use or create a Paypal account.

Do you have a free trial?

  • We do not have a free trial. $34.95 is a an excellent price for the information you'll be getting, and a small risk to see how great the service is.