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Do you alter your trading strategy in times of uncertainty? Would you benefit from having an expert technical analyst review your portfolio to help you avoid reacting incorrectly to the current climate? 

If you answered yes to these questions, maybe it is time to consider this special offer for Traders and Investors attending the Wealth 365 conference. 

Tom Aspray, Editor of the Viper Hot Stocks and ETF Reports, is well-respected by his colleagues and recognized as one of the greatest technicians of our time. In this special offer, Tom will give you his expert  analysis of your portfolio and plans for future trading while showing you how to avoid market pitfalls.

Tom is a firm believer and long-time advocate of learning the basics of technical analysis. However, jumping into volatile markets like the ones we're seeing now requires not just analysis, but also the expertise of someone who has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

In the current stock market climate, there can often be an emotional reaction to buy or sell a stock or ETF.  However, if you don't know what is really driving the market, that decision could turn out to be a mistake. Tom's objective analysis focuses not only on market risk, but also on the particular risk for an individual stock or ETF.

Do you have the confidence to admit when you are in a losing trade or investment? While taking losses is always difficult, letting a small loser turn into a big one can be a disaster for your portfolio.

How many times have you been on the verge of establishing a new position, before deciding not to at the last moment – only to have the stock or ETF rally sharply? If you could have an experienced technician sharing his expert analysis of your plan, what would it be worth?

If you are interested in this special offer or would more like information, please email us at wentworthresearch@gmail.com. 

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Since the spring of 2009, Tom has maintained a bullish long-term outlook for the stock market, while being able to foresee and alert his readers to corrections along the way. 

When the market often looked the worst during this bull market (Sept. 2010, Oct. 2011, Dec. 2012 and Dec. 2018), Tom has been one of the few market analysts that identified these declines as excellent buying opportunities.

In this special $199 offer for Wealth365 attendees, Tom will spend 90 minutes with you, one-on-one, discussing the markets, teaching you his methods, and helping with your long term portfolio goals.


Tom has worked with and gained the respect of other leading technical analysts over the years. Here is what some world-renowned technical analysts have to say about Tom. 

I consider Tom Aspray to be an excellent technical analyst. His mastery of the four asset classes — bonds, stocks, commodities, and currencies — is also a big plus. I have always read his work with great interest and respect.

John Murphystockcharts.com 

I have known Tom for nearly 30-years, from when we first toured Australia and Singapore together. Having listened to several of his presentations and read a lot of his analysis I never fail to be impressed by his objectivity, a quality that no technician can afford to be without. Tom is a master of his craft. 

Martin Pring

Tom Aspray has been in the technical analysis community since the beginning of personal computers (1980) being used to chart and analyze markets. Not only has he spent years doing technical research but has published numerous articles, newsletters, etc. portraying his significant contributions to this field. 

Greg Morris 

Chief Technical Analyst of Stadion Money Management. 

A true student of the markets.” Tom was a featured speaker with Dow Jones/Telerate/CompuTrac and traveled worldwide giving presentations to professional traders for many years. His presentations were of the highest quality and integrity. Attendees ranked his presentation, skills and techniques as superior.

Timothy Slater 

(Wikipedia: Timothy Slater CompuTrac) 

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Once your purchase is completed the office will contact you to arrange a phone call with Tom so you can determine the objective and schedule for your session.